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Our Services

Driveway Sealing


Driveway sealing / Asphalt repairs

Deteriorating driveways could be a result of incorrect construction, subsidence, flooding, invading tree roots, solvent spillage and age; to name but a few. We will evaluate the condition of your driveway and provide recommendations for your project. At Push To Shove Inc we believe in transparency, communication and education when dealing with potential clients.

We understand that customers will see their driveways daily for over 30 years, and we pave all jobs with that durability in mind.

Interlock/ Patio Stones



Interlocking Stone is a unique and impactful option for driveways, patios and pathways. It’s a wonderful way to add instant curb appeal to your home. One of the big draws of interlocking stone is the endless array of patterns, colours and options. Some homeowner opt for bold geometric designs while others prefer patterns and shades that enhance the nature around them.

We at Push To Shove Inc  strive to embellish the overall appearance of your home. It is imperative for us to use materials of the finest quality in order to satisfy our clients.  

Snow Plowing / Snow Removal


Snow Plowing

Winters in Ottawa are not to be taken lightly. We all know the messy weather mother Nature loves to bombard us with time and time again. That’s why we encourage you to take action ahead of time to make sure you’re not having to dig yourself out of the snow which suddenly appeared.

At Push To Shove Inc. we  take pride in providing our commercial and condominium properties and  customers with the quality, affordable and reliable snow removal services that all consumers deserve and can rely on.

The team at Push To Shove Inc. is fully equipped to take on any challenges mother nature would like to throw our way!  Our trucks are fully equipped with plows and salters.


All of our Service Packages are unlimited and include clearing of every snowfall over (5) five centimeters. Every single snowfall over five centimeters (5cm) is guaranteed cleared, no matter how much, how hard, or how often it snows throughout the entire Winter.


All of our Service Packages offer a flat rate price which will cover your property for the entire Winter. There are no hidden costs, no extra visit charges, and no worrying about past-due extra payments. Your guaranteed seasonal price will never exceed your budget regardless of how much snow we get.


All of our Service Packages include guaranteed service times which will determine when your property receives service. Regardless of your chosen Service Package, we always prefer to work overnight and always aim to have your property completed by morning. 


All of our Service Packages include multiple clearing visits during heavy or extended storms. For snowfalls which accumulate to four inches or more, our crews will go out once to clear during the storm, and will return as many times as necessary as long as the snow keeps falling.Your chosen Service Package will determine the frequency of return visits.


All of our Service Packages can include clearing of not only your parking lots and driveways, but also clearing of sidewalks, walkways, steps, entrances, and just about anything you need plowed or shoveled.


All of our  Service Packages include salt applications in the flat rate. Our Complete and Priority Package clients receive automatic salt applications after every clearing visit, as well as any time there is any freezing rain, slush, sleet, nuisance snow, etc. The Standard Package only includes automatic salt applications once after each time your property is cleared. We also offer pay-as-you-go salting options and custom application schedules – please contact us for further info.

Lawn Replacement


Sodding / Re-sodding

We offer Quality Sodding (Sod Installation or Lawn Replacement) Services 

​We place customer satisfaction as our Top priority.

Re-Sodding your lawn has been proven to have several benefits. It helps with everything from reducing noise levels, cooling your house, absorbing heat and most importantly…is therapeutic and stress relieving to all individuals living in your house (Pets Included!) MOST importantly IT LOOKS AMAZING! instant curb appeal.

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we offer complimentary assessments for your property.

Push To Shove Inc.  has seen it all, and we offer a viable solution to your needs.


Water is the most important element to all living things—your lawn is no exception. 

Here is what you need to do to secure our guarantee:

Water your lawn immediately after installation and follow our 3-week watering and mowing calendar. Water sufficiently until the soil under the middle of the sod roll is wet. You can verify by lifting a corner of the roll, go ahead take a peek.

The First 8 Days ! 

The first eight days after installation, your new lawn will require plenty of water. After 8 days, you may begin reducing the amount of irrigation frequency to encourage deep, healthy rooting. 

How Long Should You Water?  

The general time needed varies on the weather and your sprinkler system. A good rule to follow is about 1-2 inches of water (2-3 hours). You can use a water gauge or a simple tuna can in the middle of your lawn to measure the amount. 


Giving your lawn a good time to grow until the first trim is very important. You can begin to mow it once it has reached a growth of 4 inches, maximum 5 inches. Most new lawns will require mowing around 8-13 days after installation. Ensure grass is dry, mid-afternoon mowing is typically best. 

Don’t worry about the clippings, leaving them behind will provide a good Nitrogen boost and they will decompose quickly. Water your lawn immediately after mowing